killultagh 10:18pm, 11 January 2008
Congratulations to irishmanlost and for having the 1st, 2nd and 3rd 'Most Interesting' photos in the group! Sorry no prizes I'm afriad :]

1st: untitled / irishmanlost

2nd: untitled / irishmanlost

3rd: Canal Locks on the River Lagan /

Canal Locks on the River Lagan
merrillmorrow 11 years ago
Haven't looked in here for a while and have obviously missed the chance to vote for the 'most interesting' photos. I'd love to know the criteria used by those who did vote in making their decisions.
killultagh 11 years ago
There was no voting its just what Flickr choose.
merrillmorrow 11 years ago
Sorry. I had no idea such things happened in Flickr. I really must pay a bit more attention.
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