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Confused about saving/converting edited images

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DrTebi says:


I have just started to use LightZone, and find it very intuitive and I also get great results from raw files as well as scanned tiff slides.

My problem however is, that I just don't seem to be able to save an image and have it look the same as it did when inside LZ.

I have tried all possible settings when "converting", different color profiles, rendering intent etc. I also tried to save as TIF as opposed to JPG. But whatever I do, when I open the saved image in another image viewer (Preview or quick-look), colors look different than the final result in LZ.

Here are two sample screenshots, one from LZ and the other from Quick Look:

What am I missing?

The system I am using LZ on is a Macbook Pro 13" (2014 with Intel Iris Graphics) and my display profile is set to "Color LCD".
4:47AM, 26 March 2015 PDT (permalink)

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Murray McMaster says:

Could this be a colour space issue? There's not enough info in the exif for me to tell.
What colour space do you shoot in? Colour management is a very tricky subject but the gist I have gathered is that working in a colour space bigger than my monitor or printer is capable of reproducing will frequently produce results I do not intend.

For myself, I've found keeping inside sRGB throughout my workflow gives me the results I want.
51 months ago (permalink)

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DrTebi says:

Thanks for the reply.

The image comes from a Ricoh GXR with the A12 50mm module. Shot as DNG.

I assumed that it must be some color space issue. I tried making changes here and there... but, as you said, it is a very tricky subject and I am not exactly sure what I am doing...

By the way, I also installed LZ on my Linux machine, and didn't have the problem there.

I will keep trying...
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DrTebi says:

It is really strange.

The only way I can get the image to look the same in LZ and in other applications (I tried several others besides Preview and Quick-Look) is when I set the display profile in the system preferences to "Generic RGB Profile", and use the same profile in the LZ settings and "convert" dialogs.

The problem is... that that generic profile seems to be quite limited. RAW files look quite bad to start with, and so does everything else (web pages etc.).

But there must be a way to sync all color profiles?? If I set e.g. sRGB in the display preferences in system preferences, and the same in all of lightzone's settings, it should work, or what is it? Maybe some setting in the Java version I have?
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Murray McMaster says:

I'm no expert but,...

Make sure your camera is set to shoot in sRGB.
Use the generic profile, get your photo to look good and check on screens that you know will look good. Many good smart phones have HQ IPS monitors, check on some of those.
Take some files to a good local printer (Costco uses calibrated printers), compare the prints to what you see on your monitor.
Laptop screens, in general, suck. Very few use IPS monitors.
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