Occasionally Focused 1:03pm, 8 September 2014
I've not used Lightzone all that often since installing it; I mainly work with my iPad. However, I decided to have a play with the trial version of Lightroom - and then decided, for the purposes of learning and comparison, to process the same photos in LR and in LZ. As it happens, we then got visited by lorikeets, so I had some pretty good subjects. :)

Here are a couple just with Lightzone:

Lorikeet redux

Lorikeet redux

And a comparison pair:


Lorikeet pair (LZ)


Lorikeet Pair (LR)

I'm pretty impressed by Lightzone, I must say,
den b images Posted 4 years ago. Edited by den b images (member) 4 years ago
Way too general of a comparison. Were they RAW or JPG to start with? What were the settings in each program? Nice shots by the way!
they were RAW files. Exposures were pretty good, but there were some over-bright highlights, and some green fringing (which LR got rid of, but LZ not).

In each program I only did a little: the basic module in LR (lights and darks and such, plus clarity and vibrance). In LZ I used the zonemapper, and a relight, iirc. Saturation I think (a touch), and sharpness (either mid tones or SLR sharpen, can't remember now).

So only very basic adjustments, but I'm very happy with the results.
and thanks 8)
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