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blue-eyed ticket [deleted] 1:10am, 23 December 2013
I recently installed Lightzone as an alternative to the various RAW processing software I use in what seems to be a never ending quest to find 'just the right tool'. I uploaded an image to the group. The image has its issues and maybe isn't a great one to start with but I think the result is pretty ok for a start and working with Lightzone was an interesting process. This one was pretty straight up, zone mapper, relight tool, a couple of Hue/Saturation tools, next I'll start to play with regions and multiple zone mapper tools, etc.
monodistortion 5 years ago
I just started using Lightzone about a week ago too. I like that it's non-destructive and the documentation is clear and easy to follow. There are a couple bugs or quirks I have to work around but nothing too major.
kuvvy 5 years ago
I've just downloaded LZ this afternoon and processed a couple of shots. Need to read up on the manual yet. Been using LR mainly for a few years and it's ben okay. However, I was curios about this and decided to give it a try. Just found this group and hopefully I'll find info here that'll help.

Michael Nukular 5 years ago

You were not satisfied enough with Lightroom? How come?

I have to say I do not and will continue to not use it as a RAW-processor, as the results are just not that great compared to Lightroom. I used it a lot for out-of-camera jpegs, and it can do a lot for them. (YMMV depending on what camera and RAW-format you use.)

However, it can do a lot of things that Lightroom can't, and very easily, so I find it indispensable on certain shots.

The only thing that irks me right now is the huge amount of HDD-space I'm using every time I go from LR to LZ and back. 120MB Tiffs, ouch.
François Collard 5 years ago
To me, LightRoom is not that good: all commercial softwares are invasive, try to deprive you the direct access to your pictures: you don't even know where your photos are on the hard disk, it makes sorts of "collections" with useless previews. This is the "all-application" concept, probably made for people who don't understand much in computers. You even don't know what you are actually doing, which demoisaicing algorithm you are using. The exact antidote to LR is RawTherapee, with which I understand everything I do and the way it is done. But RawTherapee can do nothing with my X20 raw files, unfortunately. As LightZone is very close to DCRaw, it can develop my X20 raf files.
Always Shooting Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Always Shooting (member) 5 years ago
I recently discovered LightZone and I am really impressed. For reasons that are beyond my control, I cannot access a Mac or Windows system (and hence I cannot install Adobe products on my systems). LightZone on Linux is such a big relief for me. Thank you guys for all the effort you are putting into this project.
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