Weird artifacts

Dirk Duckhorn 12:40am, 15 July 2013
I've been working on a file today when suddenly weird artifacts popped up.
Horizontal lines across the picture and they didn't go away, no matter what I was doing.
But have a look for yourself.
Ignore me. I'm just for a bug report
(way more visible full size)

Am I the first one to discover this or have you come across similar issues?
Is it worthreporting this issue or is it already known (or just some fault of my processing)

(And the file works just fine with RawTherapee and Darktable)
O_Camacho 5 years ago
I haven't seen that occur with my photos. Have you looked at it without any adjustments?
marceloanelli 5 years ago
Dirk, what version of Lightzone are you using?
Groups Beta