Doug Pardee 3:05pm, 6 December 2011
A number of Mac users are having problems with LightZone, and most of those problems are show-stoppers. We could really use some help from Mac LZ users.

We seem to be doing great with Windows and Linux so far, but the shortage of Mac knowledge within the project is a problem. Any assistance would be wonderful. Even some encouragement from Mac users who aren't having problems with LZ (especially on Lion) would help — there are questions about whether LZ 3.9.2 works on Lion at all (we're pretty sure that it does). Thanks.
ferlopez 7 years ago
I wish I could help. I've been trying to run LZ in Lion but the installer keeps giving me a list of errors related to flash. As this was a new problem yet unreported I didn't want to add up to the existing ones and was hoping for others to be able to run it first.
I'll give it another shot in the following days and comment on the results.
Thanks for the good work.
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