Doug Pardee 4:07pm, 17 November 2011
The LightZombie Project is now in full operation. The new web site has:
• user forums
• a blog
• links to the original LightCrafts installation downloads
• how to retrieve a lost license key
raw support for newer camera models including the latest version of dcraw for all three platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux), and Raw Tone Curve templates for new camera models on request.

At the github tech site, we've got:
• files for downloading
• a tech-oriented wiki
• an issue tracker for any problems that come up
• in general, a place for techies to contribute

We've also got a Twitter feed, @LightZombie.

LightZombie isn't quite fully alive — new licenses aren't available — but for those of you who already have LZ licenses, I think you'll find LightZone to be re-vitalized.

Check it out!
ferlopez 7 years ago
excellent ! thanks ...
LOL! Cool name!
Kleb's 7 years ago
Brilliant, I aprove this message !
tangy flight [deleted] 7 years ago
Thank you! And especially thanks for providing a 60D-Template :)
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