Doug Pardee 8:20pm, 24 October 2011
There has been reliable confirmation that Light Crafts is out of business. The question is, now what?

Tex Andrews, former administrator of the Light Crafts forums, is coordinating efforts to try to keep LightZone alive to whatever extent possible. Here's a short update on where we are:

* I have a support ticket in with eSellerate, who handle the activation when you re-install LightZone, asking them what the future of LZ activation is. They're trying to get in touch with Light Crafts, but so far nobody has returned their voice mail. Informal reports are that activations are proceeding unhindered for the moment.

* I have determined that it's dead-easy to add Raw Tone Curve profiles for new camera models. They're just LZT templates, and you can put them in your normal LZ template folder. They have the name CameraProfile;CAMERA EXIF ID IN CAPS — if you don't know for sure what file name to use, check the LZ log file and you'll see a message giving the file name (complaining that it couldn't find the file).

* I have determined that although LZ uses dcraw for reading Raw files (and for producing the thumbnail and preview images), there are custom modifications to dcraw for LZ. I've identified two such modifications, but I suspect there may be more. My investigations continue.

* Tex is trying to get a new LightZone forum set up.

* Tex and I have collected install packages for Windows 3.9 and Mac 3.9.2, and the English help file for Windows. We're still trying to collect any other LZ artifacts that might be available.

* Tex is trying to contact Fabio with a list of important questions about what Fabio might permit us to do about keeping LZ functional, at least in the near future.

(I can't speak for what else Tex is doing. I know he's really trying to make this go.)

* One person who did manage to contact Fabio indicates that Fabio might consider open-sourcing LZ. If that does become an option, I've offered to handle the coordination of the open-source project.

I wish I could give some more definitive answers at this point. Lacking those, I wanted to let the group know that there is a serious undertaking afoot to keep LZ alive in whatever form possible.

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Joachim Ziebs PRO 7 years ago
Can you try to archive a Linux copy, too?
tex.andrews 7 years ago
Thanks for posting here also, Doug. I haven't visited for a while , probably spring. I don't have anything to add to what you've said as of Oct 24, 2011. So happy to see you're making some progress behind the scenes! Joachim, I replied to you by email just a while ago---I'll check with Marcelo Anelli from Venezuela to see what he has for Linux (he was the LZ Linux forum moderator).
Yes, Linux would be great!
Doug Pardee 7 years ago
For Linux LightZone 3.9, try here:

Click on the above link... don't right click and try to "save as".
Joachim Ziebs PRO 7 years ago
Thank you!
Of course! The web archive! Thanks a lot!
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