fair icicle [deleted] 8:10am, 19 September 2011
I use to check now and then if therei are news on LZ in the forum. To day there is not even a forum. No forum. No news. No LZ 4?
kolesarm Posted 7 years ago. Edited by kolesarm (member) 7 years ago
Not just the forum, but the whole website seems to be down

On the plus side though, the last forum topic cached by google has title:
"LightZone 4.0 -- A Milestone We'd Like To Share"
steady oranges [deleted] 7 years ago
Lightcrafts web site is still down. Troubling...
aj1575 7 years ago
The topic "LightZone 4.0 -- A Milestone We'd Like To Share" is rather old.

And the site is still down...

Really troubling!
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