aspiring dogs [deleted] 6:32pm, 26 July 2011
I just downloaded Lightzone to try and at the the same time sign
up to the forums. But when I tried I got the following message:

Sorry, registration has been disabled by the administrator.

Not a good sign.
Joachim Ziebs PRO 7 years ago
If you search the forums you'll notice that you have to sign up via email to an admin.
What worries me more is the fact, that the Twitter account seems to be abandoned. :(


aspiring dogs [deleted] 7 years ago
I tried emailing the admin about 6 weeks ago to sign up, but never did
receive a answer.
And now with the website gone.. I think Lightcraft is gone away for good.
fair icicle [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by fair icicle (member) 7 years ago
Probably LC is gone for good... Nothing seems to happen at LightCraft... There will be no Lversion 4.0 as promised... but who knows? The company is not famous for Customer Care, to let us customers know.
Doug Pardee 7 years ago
It's almost impossible to tell what's up. LightCrafts is pretty much a one-man operation, and Fabio isn't much on keeping people advised (that's an understatement).

It's pretty clear that their Web site isn't a professional operation. I don't think Fabio pays much attention to it, if at all. They had a similar site outage back in May, and after about a week the site came back up with no comment on what happened. It's quite possible that Fabio simply forgot to pay the hosting bill. Or forgot to update the expiration date on his credit card at the hosting company.

Of course, it could also be the end of Light Crafts, but I think it's still a bit premature to make that call. We'll see.
fair icicle [deleted] 7 years ago
My search engine does not list Lightzone or Lightcrafts any more. What does that mean? It is one week since the site went down. Maybe someone forgot to tell Google that Fabio simply forgot to pay the hosting bill..? :)
GBeachum 7 years ago
I so hope they are still out there, even with the quirks this software is my favorite photo editor.
spongelikeme PRO 7 years ago
Bummer. I have version 3.9. I started using it about 5 years ago on Tiger, now I have Lion and it doesn't run. Seems to be gone without a trace from the WWW. I'll just have to use LR3 for the time being and hope for a comeback.
Doug Pardee 7 years ago
spongelikeme: I think what you need for Lion is the update to LightZone 3.9.2. Where you'll get that with the web site down, I don't know. If you've got a DPReview account, you might try sending a message to JustFred and see if he has the installation package stored on his computer. Another DPR member you could try to contact is tex.
hogepodge PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by hogepodge (member) 7 years ago
Do they still have that absurd activation process in place?

I realized that NIK does almost everything I needed to do with Lightzone. u-point masking works very well.
fair icicle [deleted] 7 years ago
I will buy DxO tonite after been trying it out for some time. DxO is really, really a great raw converter and a good photo editor. Good bye Lightzone!
Joachim Ziebs PRO 7 years ago
I'd give Bibble a try, too!
hogepodge PRO 7 years ago
Dxo is good if your camera and lens is supported. I switched to Olympus and dxo became useless and buggy for me.
fair icicle [deleted] 7 years ago
I tried Bibble, Lightroom, Silverfast, and Phase One. Dxo won. I really liked it in all respects. And yes, my Panasonic cameras are supported.
Joachim Ziebs PRO 7 years ago
In that case: Enjoy and take great pictures!

Riccardi, Fabio

>> Domain is still registered.
Cletus Lee 7 years ago
>> Domain is still registered.
But only until 20-Jan-2012. I recently dropped my domain and website that I have owned for 14 years and it does not expire until 14-May-2012
Geezer37 7 years ago
I bought Light Zone last March. Due to a major computer crash, I had to reinstall Windows. When I reinstalled Light Zone and entered the license number, it was not a valid number. I can't contact the LZ website since it isn't functional.
Does anyone know how I can activate the product?
Joachim Ziebs PRO 7 years ago
Have you tried emailing them?
Geezer37 7 years ago
Yes, no answer
That's bad, Geezer.
If they go out of business, they should have - as a last action - provided an upgrade that deactivates the license check.
Now, they force legitimate users into illegal steps.
Doug Pardee 7 years ago
It does appear that Light Crafts is gone for good. Fabio has started working for Apple, and that seems to have put an end to LC. Tex Andrews, who was one of the administrators of the LC forums, has this posting over at DPReview:
Joachim Ziebs PRO 7 years ago
So, that's it. RIP
ravi_ramnarayan 7 years ago
Oh boy! I reinstalled my Ubuntu system and cannot find a copy of the Lightzone software in my backup. Still have the registration number.

Any idea where I could get a copy? Is there another product for Linux users?
Cletus Lee 7 years ago
Is there another product for Linux users?
gorgeous money [deleted] 7 years ago
i have a lightzone file for ubuntu
do you want ?
Joachim Ziebs PRO 7 years ago
I second using Bibble. Great tool, very quick, very good results.
Unfortunately, there is noting that would compare to the Zonemapper.
tex.andrews 7 years ago
To all of you who need copies of the software or are having activation problems: Please stay in touch with me! You can send me an email via my website,, and then we'll be connected.

As Doug has posted on the other thread, which you should read, we are actively working on all these issues.

Thanks, and stay in touch!
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