GBeachum 4:09am, 10 May 2011
I tried to go to the LightZone forums this weekend and could not connect . It is now three days later and still cannot connect to their server. Have they dropped off the face of the earth?

The link I have been using is
Has this changed?
aj1575 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by aj1575 (member) 8 years ago
Well, really strange. I even can't get the lightcrafts homepage.

3 posibilities:

1. they are out of bussines
2. they launch a new website for Lightzone 4
3. they just have problems with their website/provieder
fair icicle [deleted] 8 years ago
I have tried to connect to the LZ site as well. It is not possible. Maybe Lightcraft is out of business? Or the 4.0 version is on its way? Or the server went down? Any way; I am doing well with ACR, it is all I need.
GBeachum 8 years ago
It appears that they are back on-line......
fair icicle [deleted] 8 years ago
"It appears that they are back on-line......"

Not from where I am. Nothing happens when I click my Lightzone bookmark. I just ordered Adobe Lightroom 3 so I don't really care. I am really tired of LightCraft after being a big fan for some years. I go back to Adobe for good.
Cletus Lee 8 years ago
@GBeacham I think you are looking at a cached web page Try hitting the refresh key {F5}
aj1575 8 years ago
The site is back online, but no information about the reasons so far.
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