Dadels2010 PRO 9:12am, 31 December 2010
Is this normal or am I doing something wrong. Lately have converted images with lightzone to 900 by 600 jpg before uploading but still the image quality suffers badly?

Any help please?
Cletus Lee 8 years ago
JPEG is a lossy compressed format.. Flickr will re-expand your JPEG before saving it to its own internal location. It will probably be compressed again by Flickr. If the original was a JPEG from the camera, it has already been compressed and decompressed once to get it from the camera to Lightzone. The more generations your SOOC original is from the Lightzone image, the more image data(quality) will be lost). There is a JPEG quality setting in the save option. the values range between 0 and 100. Values above 60 are generally considered acceptable for web viewing. Lower numbers results in more compression and smaller files (and lower quality). What settings were used to create the JPEG that you are sending to the web?

Next issue: With the output from today's cameras, a final size of 900X600 is not very large. What is the size of the (cropped?) original that was generated by Lightzone before a derivative was saved for uploading to Flickr? If you take a very high resolution image and resize it to a very small image size, you will also lose quality. Try uploading the full size image to Flickr, not one that has been resized to 900X600.
Dadels2010 PRO 8 years ago
Thanks for the reply. I do normaly save all my edited files as .tiff 16bit and also used the flicker uploader to load directly unsized tiff files to the web with the same dissapointing results.

My cropped files is usaly very large and to big for filcker to upload. The workflow is basicaly shooting raw open with lightzone, save as .tiff.
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