bruce_geisert 8:26pm, 21 May 2010
Posting side-by-side.
berserk frame [deleted] 9 years ago
It would have been nice, if you've started with your first question as to saying:
Posting side-by-side

Most of the configuration opportunities already have been discussed here, or at the LightZone forums.
tex.andrews 9 years ago

please do also come over and join the LZ forums:

i'm wondering what your question is? if it is related to your other post i saw, know that on wintel machines, the file size "ceiling" runs about 200mb---after that most of us with that setup have seen performance decline sharply. on mac, we have at least one regular poster over at the LZ forums who is shooting LF and MF and scanning and generating huge files, which he reports works just fine. Linux is another kettle of fish, but your questions will be fielded fairly promptly on n\the linux forum at the LZ forums. Marcelo Anelli is the new supermoderator for that forum.

LC is now working on v4 of LZ, and that will entail apparently a complete re-write in javaFX. we look forward to speed improvements and perhaps several new goodies (which now may be spaced out into v4x iterations). i'm thinking---i do not know---that we're looking at a few months before beta testing. i think ready for Photokina is unfortunately pretty optimistic now. but end of the year is certainly do-able, barring bad problems (which i think is unlikely, because they've coded it once before, and now also know where the goblins live...).
bruce_geisert 9 years ago

Thanks; A friend recommended, and I like the SW. It does what I want. Just bought, and was on flickr, So I thought I'd ask the group, since hadn't found the forums yet. Shoot hard. blg
bruce_geisert 9 years ago

Couldn't find forums after I purchased, and then joining was just dumb.

tex.andrews 9 years ago

to join the LZ forums---and i do recommend it, as there's some good technical stuff in there---you need to send a message directly to support and they'll register you.. there's an announcement to that effect but it's buried in the announcements forum.

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