tex.andrews 5:31pm, 8 May 2010
Hello, everyone. My name is Tex Andrews, and I've been a Lightzone user since v1.6. I've been a long time LZ forums poster (I think my # is 25...), and now i'm the Super Moderator of the official LightZone forums.

Some of you may know that Lightcrafts has released LZ v3.9, and is now working on v4. They have asked me to contact our forum membership to review their LZ usage. I wish to extend this invitation to you to do the same.

Therefore please visit the Lightzone forums, www.lightcrafts.com/forums/ and look for the threads in the "Suggestions/Wishlist" forum entitled "Attention All LightZone Users", "Browser Poll", and "Editor Poll". We very much need your input! Please vote in the polls first, and then read the "Attention..." thread initial post and respond accordingly in as much detail as you wish. Please do read the rest of the posts as well if you like. We would love to see you there! If you have not joined the forums, please drop a line to LZ support in order to do so (this is to guard against spammers---we've had some...).

Thank you all very much, and I look forward to hearing from you! And now that I am a member here, I will try to keep up with you here as well. My LZ photos can be seen at my website, www.texandrewsart.com ----not a great website, I'm afraid, but I'm working on it....

Best wishes to all of you,
Tex Andrews

PS: don't hesitate to email me directly if you wish!
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