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raided the moneybox! 5:00pm, 15 April 2010
Hi, I've recently come across Lightzone and have downloaded the trial of the latest release. I quite like it so far but could someone please tell me if the paid-for version saves in large jpgs. It seems to save tiffs full size but not jpgs. Or perhaps I'm doing something wrong! Any help would be appreciated.
berserk frame [deleted] 9 years ago
Thought about looking at your configuration?

Menu: Edit -> Preferences
Tab: Save
Save LightZone files as: JPEG
Resize To: Don't limit
thanks for the help
bruce_geisert 9 years ago
New to LZ, but really like. And new to this group. Will upgrade from test tomorrow.

This might be a related question. My LZ files are 140k. Only been trying with below 12mb files for learning. Planning on scanning again the negatives/slides at high res, once I get the scan/edit (multiple output process figured out.)

I watched all the videos, which were helpful; One on opening and saving files for different resolutions might help.

Still new here, so just posted a couple of tests from today.

Shoot hard, BLG
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