r.migliorati 10:08am, 13 April 2010
As the subject says: trying to open a folder with around 300 raw images from an EOS 1D takes 3 to 5 minutes... not really usable.
Canon DPP (Digital Photo Professional) 3.8 opens the same folder instantly and handles Canon metadata *much* better.
I did abandon Lightzone a while back (constant 'resets' drove me mad), came back to test 3.9 only to be bitterly disappointed.
It should be noted that I also reserved the maximum amount of memory I could allocate for it, still to no avail.
Bye bye Lightzone, this time for good.
jamalrob 9 years ago
I have to agree, and it's a real shame because I love the way Lightzone does things. If they're serious about Lightzone they would dedicate some serious developer resources to it and tune up the slow bits.
r.migliorati 9 years ago
I doubt that can be achieved without a complete rewrite. I am afraid Java, or even JavaFX won't cut it, albeit developing in Java/JavaFX offers great portability.
Ugo F. Turcio 9 years ago
I used the latest version of LightZone until a cuples of days ago and i did not had any speed problems. My folders opened ont istantly but really fast.
r.migliorati 9 years ago
Can I ask you how many items in the folder that LZ opens at startup?
I am using a pretty grunty laptop, Core 2 Duo, 4 GB of RAM, and still running yuk! Folders with less items open up *almost* instantly, but anything over 150~250 shots takes forever.... Obviously I am talking about RAW and not jpegs.
berserk frame [deleted] 9 years ago
I can't see this problem on a core duo with 4 GB and 2 GB assigned to LightZone. A folder on an external disk with 961 RAW files done with a Nikon D700 is scanned in less than ten seconds.

Operating System is Ubuntu 9.04.

A problem with previous versions was to assign 1 GB or less to LightZone (Menu Edit->Preferences tab General).
r.migliorati 9 years ago
I guess the issue is Windows then ;-)
Damn Redmond people! I've thought about switching to Linux for photo editing full time, but always got stuck due to essential software that I can't replace.
That said, I will test this on my spare Linux box with Lightzone and see how it performs. Might use it as a dedicated Lightzone machine.
Thank you all for your input.
Ugo F. Turcio 9 years ago
In effect i forgto to say that i run Linux Ubuntu 9.10. So, most probably the issue is Windows (Is not a bug; it's a feature!)
r.migliorati 9 years ago
So true!! ;-)
Well got the time and the hardware: will test LZ on Linux tonight.
--ex Paris (now London) Steve-- Posted 9 years ago. Edited by --ex Paris (now London) Steve-- (member) 9 years ago
OS-X Snow Leopard, 4GB RAM total, 2.2Ghz Core Duo works great ... no changes to prefs yet on allocating memory for 14-bit Nikon D300 NEF's...

1.129GB allocated to LZ
LucisPictor - www.RetroCamera.de Posted 8 years ago. Edited by LucisPictor - www.RetroCamera.de (member) 8 years ago
It's a fantastic software but unfortunately very, very slow on Windows. I agree.
Is it still free for Linux?
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