berserk frame [deleted] 2:30pm, 10 April 2010
Today I saw a LightZone 3.9 is available. This version is available for Linux users, like me.

After download, I checked the date and the package was created on 2010/03/30.

My first impression is, that it is much faster on loading and editing images . The time for saving an image is the same, as with 3.7.

The update list on shows, that they added a lot of new cameras.

What they don't tell, they have done some more improvements.
This version keeps geotagging informations in the jpg files!
jbinpg 9 years ago
Thanks for the heads up!!
REALJimBob 9 years ago
I wish they would indicate other changes as well, I don't have any of the new camera RAW formats, so I've no idea whether it's actually worth updating or not....
berserk frame [deleted] 9 years ago
I've got in contact with Lightcraft and told them, that it would be a good idea to share more informations about improvements of new version.

The more people telling them to do so, the better is.

Lightcraft contacts
rgnighbert 9 years ago
When I looked at the download page I saw something about previous purchasers following some specified procedure. I was unsure if the new version is available to previous purchasers (I bought my copy about 3 or 4 months ago) or if they want to hit you up for more $.

Anyone know?
berserk frame [deleted] 9 years ago
They don't want additional money, I bought mine about two years ago.
it looks like they may want more for version 4 though!
tex.andrews 9 years ago
Hi, all.

Yes, v3.9 has been out for a while now, and it contained a few goodies---mostly some new raw profiles and a few Linux improvements. I think they also attempted to fix a bug or two (although they were unable to fix all the Linux bugs, such as the color selector one...). Yes, it costs nothing to upgrade to v3.9---but i believe the upgrade to v4 will have a fee attached (although i have not been told this and no announcement to that effect has been made---but the second to last major upgrade required a fee...). The previous purchase biz above may refer to Roxio Creator Pro purchasers:

V4 will probably be the next thing we see---development is now progressing with javaFX---this to address some internal coding issues that have made bug fixes difficult.. We hope that we will also see a couple/several enhancements as well as the speed improvements we've all desired---but i do not know specifically what is coming. or when: when it became apparent that re-coding in javaFX was going to happen, obviously the schedule was thrown back (on the LZ forums we had a posting in March i think by support of the new browser window for v4---then we found out about the javaFX, partly because of the difficulties LC coders encountered trying to get the Linux version current up to v3.9...).

And this is partly also why i posted that message to all of you, "Attention All LightZone Users". I'm sorry if you feel i'm crashing your group, having just joined it, but we really would love to see you swing by the LZ forums and participate in the 2 active polls and the very important thread there with the same title. LC asked me specifically as the current LZ forums supermoderator (ahem, my cape's at the drycleaner's...) to gather this info we're collecting----so we really want to hear from you, too! For my part, i'll be keeping an eye out here and will jump in to discussions when appropriate, like now----hopefully to be helpful!

If you have already come over to the LZ forums and voted in the polls and posted in the "Attention..." thread, then thank you very much! And if there's anything else i can tell you, please don't hesitate to ask (but bear in mind i don't work for LC---although support has confirmed a thing or two over on the LZ forums...)
I emailed Lightzone today

If I buy Lightzone now am I going to have to pay again for the new version?

Historically, when we release a new major version of our software we ask current customers to pay an upgrade fee rather than the full purchase price a new customer would pay. In addition, we often increase the price of the new software when we go though a major version release. It's typically worked out that such that the current price plus the upgrade price is the same as the new price for the new version. Or, to put this in other words, there's no penalty for buying now since the total cost works out to be the same even if you wait for a new release.
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