past twig [deleted] 9:41pm, 2 February 2010
As an original beta tester and Charter Member, I have seen Lightcrafts' LightZone developed rather quickly to a version 3x product.

Customer service has not been a strong point for LightCrafts - probably due to a lack of continuity in personnel and investors. I have always been under the impression that Lightcrafts was a start-up looking for a buyout by another company - I hope I am wrong on this point.

Nevertheless, LightZone, in its present form, remains to be a very useful tool for many photographers. I use it as an additional editor for Photoshop, LightRoom, and Aperture. Some of LightZone's features are still best-in-class.

I hope we will see an enhanced and speedier version 4 in the near future. What do you think?
thankful lamp [deleted] 9 years ago
Not unless they move away from Java which I don't see happening as the cross-platform functionality is lost.

Last autumn LC Support responded to a question of mine that they hoped to have something to release late December (check on the LightZone user forum). I have not seen or heard of anything other than perhaps a revision to support newer cameras...have not really been paying any attention.

Lightroom? Freudian?
past twig [deleted] 9 years ago
Java, IMHO, is not a bad development environment. Apple's Final Cut Server runs in a Java run-time environment. The app runs very well on appropriate hardware. What is it about Java-based applications like Lightzone that you seem not to prefer.

Lightzone related activity around the net is very quiet these days. The Lightzone forum at Lightcrafts is for all practical DEAD.

btw. Thanks for the reminder to fix my erroneous post title.
Cletus Lee Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Cletus Lee (member) 9 years ago
Actually your faux pas might have been more on target than you care to admit. We might see a LightRoom Version 4 before we see a New version of Lightzone. . I think one of the things Lightzone suffers from is name recognition. I also think LightCrafts put too much effort and too little functionality into Aurora. As a consequence both have suffered. Another two competitors with the Adobe Product are Corel Paintshop Pro and Bibble Labs. Corel just released V13 of PSP and it has little in it to even be called a new version. Many of the filter tools are still 8 bit. Bibble Labs Just released BibblePro5 over a year later than it was promised. Both companies have lost long time customers to Adobe LR because it their inability to get a competing product to market. This may be the same fate that awaits LightZone.
thankful lamp [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by thankful lamp (member) 9 years ago
Actually, if you check the LightCrafts forums,
, there is a screenshot of LightZoneFX pre-beta. We can keep our fingers crossed.

past twig [deleted] 9 years ago
Do you think LightZoneFX (i.e. version 4) will be built on JavaFX?
pvhelme 9 years ago
"Do you think LightZoneFX (i.e. version 4) will be built on JavaFX?"

yep, Fabio Riccardi has said they are doing a rewrite using JavaFX. hopefully they'll get a speed bump out of it. I've been trying Bibble Pro 5 and it saddens me how poky LZ is in comparison. :(
past twig [deleted] 9 years ago
Yes...I can confirm that now.
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