ideaman2003 5:02pm, 2 October 2009
I purchased light zone a week ago and when i got the serial number it didnt match the product release code. Ive sent at least 5 e mails and tried to reach someone by phone. Still no response . Is tis a way to build customers and run a company???
Order# ST84016694
How do we get tech support and find someone to respond to problems??
susiewong 9 years ago
Hi Ideaman

I was wondering whether you have had any joy from the service needed from Lightzone for the above issue.

susiewong 9 years ago
I have decided to purchase Lightzone.

As I have Lightroomn I am thinking to buy Lightzone basic as I do not need the library facilities of Lightzone.

My question is does Lightzone basic - other than batch processing do and have everything that Lightzone full has?

Also in looking at Lightzone website it says basic Lightzone is $99..... However in following the link to buy and order this copy it does not lead to the basic edition but only to the full or update.

Am I missing something?
thankful lamp [deleted] 9 years ago
You might try here - LZ support is sporadic, which is saying it kindly -
aj1575 9 years ago
Also on the topic. I tried to register for the Forum, then there comes a message, registration is disabled by the admin....

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