thankful lamp [deleted] 12:21am, 27 August 2009
I've moved to Windows 7, must reactivate LZ...LightCrafts support must be on vacation. Any other ideas how I can go about accomplishing this?


Sneaky Pie 9 years ago
Normally you only have to enter your registration information, that you've received by mail from Lightcraft.

Under "REGISTRATION INFORMATION" you should find your Serial Number.
thankful lamp [deleted] 9 years ago
I have the serial number - upon entering that, LZ polls the "esellerate" web site to activate - there is an activation code I do not have (judging from the fill-ins, a 10-group code of more than several characters per group), the one already populating the fill-in box (I assume one for the installed instance) will not work since it obviously is in use.

Funny thing is I do not recall going through this exercise when I first installed LZ - about a year ago IIRC. Maybe it is something they've put in place since then. Regardless, if this is an indication of how LC treats its customer base it'll be a cold day in **** before I ever recommend any of their products to anyone - which I've been very happy to do until now.

Maybe I need to flame them on Twitter since that seems to be their latest gig?
flawless robin [deleted] 9 years ago
I have had to request resets of the activation as it should only run in two computers, and whenever there is an upgrade, then it needs to be reset to work on the new computer.

Although I sent the request, I have not received a reply yet (going on a week now), but it worked on the third computer.
thankful lamp [deleted] 9 years ago
@ ~fernando

Hopefully we'll hear something soon - the demo works (29 days left) but it is still very aggravating.

thankful lamp [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by thankful lamp (member) 9 years ago
Closure - LC responded they've reset the activations.


Up and running
ideaman2003 9 years ago
Seems that light zone has registration problems and the people behind it dont respond in a timely fashion to help requests, I paid and the release code didnt work Been over a week and no response to numerous e mails and theres no reach phone number. What can we do to get a good producct better taken care of?
thankful lamp [deleted] 9 years ago
Have you posted anything on their forum? They seem to read that sporadically.
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