Briman4031 6:20pm, 26 July 2009
I am a fairly new lightzone user, and so far have not been disappointed. My biggest complaint was the time it takes to save and export large files. I don't know how I missed this but for everyone else who may have not figured this one out, by increasing the alloted memory to lightzone in the LZ preferences menu, you can dramatically increase the performance. At least for me. I run LZ on a 13" MB w/ 2GB ram and was only allotting 600 mb memory to LZ. I Increased to 1200mb as I don't run many other apps. simultaneously and the performance boost was very noticeable.
almacdmd 10 years ago
Thanks for the tip.
I reset my LZN to 1200...WOW, what a difference.
interrobangart 9 years ago
I was just wondering about the speed with LZ and found this group. Thanks for the tip! I'll see how much better this 290mb file saves with the memory cranked up!
aj1575 9 years ago
You talk about speed? Try lightzone on a Mac mini with a 1,4GHz G4 an 1GB of RAM. It's unbelivable slow. Saving a 8,5MP Image can take 10minutes, but the results are amazing, so I stick with LZ and will upgrade my computer soon.
past twig [deleted] 9 years ago
Ram is relatively inexpensive. Consider upgrading to 4GB (or more if your MB is newer) and LightZone will speed up greatly. Cheers!
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