Joe Cittern 9:48pm, 28 June 2009
A new LIghtzone user (just bought it today), I have a basic 'howto' question I'm hoping someone can answer.

I want to 'posterize' some photos, by that I mean severely restricting the number of colours or tones in them, possibly just as variations of gray, others with a very few colours.

Some of the effects I'd like can be seen in the little picture you get in the upper right hand corner when editing a photo, I'd like to be able to produce some pictures that look just like those, if possible with control to manage the number of tones.

Is there a simple way of doing this? This isn't why I bought LIghtzone but I;d like to be able to use it for this rather than using numerous different photo editors one for each task :-)

TIA, Joe
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