Mark Fleser 11:16pm, 29 May 2009
Since LightZone finally put out support for the D90 I have started using it with the RAW files. The problem I'm having is that when I view the files in the LZ browser the colors look great but as soon as I hit the edit button everything goes to crap. Everything is underexposed and just generally looks really bad. Why the don't they look the same and how can I get them to look the same. Even with lots of fiddling I can't seem to make them look anywhere close to as good as they do in the browser.

I thought it was a color space issue but the camera an LightZone are set to sRGB (the defaults on both).
jamalrob 9 years ago
Sorry I can't answer this Mark, but I just want to second your question, because I have the same problem. For me (I'm using an Olympus e510) the difference isn't huge, but the colours are a bit better in the browser than the editor. I'm guessing this is before the Olympus RAW default settings are applied.

Have you tried the Lightzone forum on the Lightcrafts website?
almacdmd PRO 9 years ago
Here's the answer...I had noticed the same thing and contacted's what they had to say:

"The preview image in the browser comes from a JPG that is taken along with the RAW. The browser is actually showing you the JPG preview not the actual RAW itself".
The Light Crafts Support Team

I was unaware that the E-510 actually had an embedded jpeg within the RAW shot. It is this jpeg that LZN shows in the Browser, not the RAW file. When you open the editor, LZN then shows you the actual RAW file. And, yes it does looky pretty it does in other editors, such as Photoshop Elements 6.
I hope this helps.

FWIW, you can verify that your E-510 does actually embed a jpeg within the RAW with this free download:


jamalrob 9 years ago
Thanks for the useful information almacdmd
Ugo F. Turcio 9 years ago
I can tell you my experience:
I have a Pentax K100 D super, adn i have the same issue of you, an evident difference between how a photo appear on browser and of editor.
My partner have a Pentax K200 D and there is no difference between looking at photos in browser or in editor; moreover, opening the editor from photos taken with the K200 you see, on the right, beside the Raw adjustment, you can see Raw tone curves. So i think it depend from some more or less compatibility between the software and the cameras.
I have the same problem. If I convert to tiff using the Sony alpha 850's "Image Data Convertor SR" the result in "EDIT" looks the same as "BROWSER," so I don't think its the case of a "hidden" JPEG in the ARW file. Its also a problem in another editor. I think in my case its some sort of processing thats imbedded in the RAW/ARW file, not a JPEG. I guess I am stuck with doing a conversion to 16 bit per channel .tiff before I can process it further. I hate adding an additional step though.
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