berserk frame [deleted] 12:39pm, 10 May 2009
I've just found out, that there is a new Lightzone version, numbered 3.7, available.

The description says, that new cameras are supported, for example Nikon D90. A detailed change list is not published.

Bad news for all Linux users: Currently this version is only available for Mac and Windows.

For me it is not clear, if one has to pay for an update from 3.6 to 3.7. It looks like as they want $49.95 for an update.
jamalrob 10 years ago
Yes, when I opened Lightzone a couple of days ago it gave me the option to download the new version, which I did. I didn't have to pay. I haven't noticed a difference in performance and stability.
aj1575 10 years ago
This is good news. It looks like LightZone is not abandonware, it seems that they just didn't have time to look after LightZone while they were developing Aurora.

LightCrafts is a small company and they don't have that many resources, so this make sense, as it does to have a second software in the lineup (which generates some extra revenues with the online backup service they have).

Hopefully we will see a LightZone 4 in the near future.
just downloading 3.7 for linux - I already had thought that they would abandon this platform.
REALJimBob 10 years ago
While I'm waiting for this update to be available for Linux, does anybody have a list of changes/features/fixes that have made it into 3.7 over the previous 3.6.1 version?

I had a scout around on the site and on the internet, but couldn't find any details of what's new in 3.7...
mantras siva 10 years ago

only new cameras added
jamalrob 10 years ago
Yes, I haven't noticed any other changes.
jordsan1 10 years ago
In LightZone Help -> New features you can see a list of all added features in each new version since version 3.0
oledoe 10 years ago
Just reporting that I have installed LightZone 3.7 on a netbook running linux. I am surprised how well it runs there...

More here:
Screenshot: LightZone on a netbook by oledoe
almacdmd Posted 10 years ago. Edited by almacdmd (member) 10 years ago
I just upgraded, for free, my 3.7.2 to 3.8.
It still shows as 3.7.2, but they have added RAW support for the Olympus E-P1, which didn't previously open in my "old" version of 3.7.2 . I don't know how else it differs, but I'm enjoying being able to work with downloaded E-P1 files now. Next step will be to actually get an E-P1!!
CarlBSr 9 years ago
I agree, I have a Lumix DMC-G1 and Lightzone is one of the very, very few programs that opens RAW as if it is a native file! Bravo gang at LightCrafts.

That feature alone has reintroduced me to a program that actually believes and uses light zones.
flawless robin [deleted] 9 years ago
Perhaps it is just me, but opening the Pen EP-1 files on Lightzone shows a high level of noise, which does not show on Olympus' RAW converter, and now in Adobe's DNG converter.
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