Maple Syrup Doodles 8:51pm, 25 March 2009
Are there any Manuals, Books, or Videos for Lightzone.
I had a PDF file (I think it was from a previous version) but I don't see it on the website any longer. Does anyone know of a comprehensive manual or tutorial for the program? (I did search the group discussions-- I'm just looking for something more comprehensive and that I can take with me)

Also, there's a 25% off special on Lightzone- Coupon Code at Checkout SPRINGSPECIAL til 3/31/09
berserk frame [deleted] 10 years ago
There some PDF files on their website on

The manual can be downloaded here: Found this link in the forum: PDF Manual here.
Maple Syrup Doodles 10 years ago
I saw the tutorials but the manual is great; I can read it on the train
just what I wanted
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