sschaper_iowa 5:52am, 13 March 2009
I'm working with the demo, and it is incredibly, frustratingly slow. The demo for Lightshop is reasonably fast, as is Picassa (to bracket Lightzone's capabilities)

Is that the experience of others?
berserk frame [deleted] 10 years ago
I don't know the hardware configuration of a Thinkpad T-42.

I'm using it on two Dell notebooks. One is the old D400 with 2 GB RAM and a 1.6 Pentium Mobile Processor. Operating System is Ubuntu 8.10 and the only slow thing is to save the images.

My newer Inspiron 1525 N-Series CORE 2 DUO T5800 2.0GHz with 4 GB RAM and also Ubuntu 8.10 as OS is much faster, but it is a five years newer computer.

And on the other site, it depends on the photos, you want to edit. If its RAW, than RAW is slower than JPG. Picasa is not a RAW converter, only an image management which is phoning home ;-)
Cletus Lee Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Cletus Lee (member) 10 years ago
I would think your problems lie in the hardware. Graphics intensive programs require a fast video card with dedicated memory. Many older laptops steal RAM for graphics. If you have 1 Gb or less of RAM, you will be pretty much dead in the water at some time no matter which graphic program you use.
ambient troutmask Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ambient troutmask (member) 10 years ago
The minimum specifications given by Lightcrafts for running Lightzone are
Vista or Windows XP SP 2; Pentium or AMD CPU w/SSE2; 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
So you have got no chance with your system if you are running widows.
Even if running Linux the specs are
Hardware: 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended); Pentium or AMD CPU w/SSE2

To get Lightzone running well (the same with any serious image processing software these days) you will need at least 2 GB RAM in reality on any OS.
Picassa works with 8 bit processing and can be run on any old machine, but obviously the results will never match the full range of what any recent dSLR is capable of.
Graphics cards with loads of memory are important for gaming and other 3 D redrawing applications. They are relatively un important for bitmap processing (in terms of their built in RAM), but I think there is actually no card at all in your sytem which means that the internal 1/2 GB of RAM has to run the OS, the graphics and the application...just not going to work.
jamalrob Posted 10 years ago. Edited by jamalrob (member) 10 years ago
Lightzone is known for being pretty slow. I've got a good PC and Lightzone seems to slow down the more you use it, until you restart it.

"Picasa is not a RAW converter"

Picasa does convert your RAW files (very nicely), but you don't have any control over it so it's not really a proper RAW converter.
Ugo F. Turcio 10 years ago
I run Lightzone on my laptop, a Fujitsu Siemens AMD turion 64 whit 1 GB RAM and a GeForce card with 128MB. My OS is Ubuntu 8.10, and I have to say that is reasoneably fast, except on saving photos.
sschaper_iowa 10 years ago
Pentium M 1.7 ghz, 1.5 gig memory. Discrete graphics ATI 7500, IIRC. XP Pro, SP2

Demos for the competition are all much faster. But they don't typically run on linux, and I'd rather switch back to Ubuntu if I can just get everything I need to run on it.
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