Chris Bertram 8:24am, 26 February 2009
Well I've enjoyed using LZ for the last 18 months or so, but it now seems to be abandonware. Having acquired a Nikon D90, and noticed that LZ can't read the RAW files, I got in touch with "support" but no reply. And the forums seem to tell the same story.
berserk frame [deleted] 10 years ago
I haven't found any entry at the forums about D90 and I don't think it s abandonware.

There was a Mac version two weeks ago, and the latest for Linux, which I am using, is only two months old. With that version thy supported D700.
jamalrob 10 years ago
Yes, if they reply to support emails at all it's many weeks later, and with obvious lack of enthusiasm. All my communication with them has left a bad taste. It's a shame, because I love it, and it's potentially first-class software - I had hoped that they would get around to solving its numerous annoying problems and bugs. Only bought it a couple of months ago too.

I continue to use it, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone now. It's too unreliable, and some of the simplest tasks are shockingly slow - and they don't care.
thankful lamp [deleted] 10 years ago
If you check their forums, you'll find Light Crafts has been developing a new product, Auora I believe it's called - somewhat of a Picassa knock-off...also requires an Adobe flash publishing product to accompany it.

Otherwise, LightZone seems to remain on minimal life-support, not a good thing.
berserk frame [deleted] 10 years ago
It is definitely not abandonware. I mailed to the support about losing GPS data, when saving my photos with LightZone, I use the Nikon GP-1.

They answered within the two days, that they promised on their website:

Because LightZone creates a new file, most metadata will not be carried over. We may consider keeping the information in the future, as there are more request for it.


The Light Crafts Support Team
jamalrob 10 years ago
It is definitely not abandonware.

How can you be so sure? Just because there is some level of support doesn't mean that in essence it has just about been abandoned, or is going to be. It is riddled with problems and yet there is no word from them on further developments.
berserk frame [deleted] 10 years ago
Nothing is granted, for example MS announced, that their flight simulator will not be developed further on. OK, you get support for their products normally very fast, but each support will cost about 380 Euro plus taxes.

Bibble announced their version 5 at the Photokina, and nothing happened until today. Version 4 is frozen for months, there will be no support for the Nikon D90 for example.

It is my opinion, and my hope, that LightZone will go on.
ElSlunko 10 years ago
I've been thinking about purchasing this product after trying out the trial. Unfortunately I have the same issue that Chris has. I did email them about getting support for the D90 and they responded in a few days saying that they would be looking to have support for it in the next update.
aj1575 10 years ago
Lightcrafts introduced a new programm called "Aurora". It looks like a low Cost edition of Lightzone, and it costs only 19.95$.

This could be a reason why it was so quiet arround lightzone in the past month (they were busy developing the new program). So hopefully we will see a Lightzone 3.6.2 or even a 3.7 in the near future.
mantras siva Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mantras siva (member) 10 years ago
Aurora is bloody slow , compared to picasa ,acdsee and all the other programs

i'm scarry that the new version will be very very slow

but the way , the current version has some bugs , i emailed 6 months ago ,they have never corrected them
Maple Syrup Doodles 10 years ago
At first I got the impression part of Aurora was a paid ongoing support-- like it was going to be a new revenue stream for lightcrafts. (Which I thought might be a good thing as they could use the money for development) Now it looks like it's just sponsored by Amazon.

Uggg! They completely changed the website and I can no longer find the forums or the tutorials -- talk about abandonware

With the website the way it is now -- I don't see how they can expect people to pay $200 without explaining the way the old site did
berserk frame [deleted] 10 years ago
The forum is available at

I've found the link at the end of the Commuity site :

But I was not able to find the new link to the learning area. The old link is active at forum (, but it redirects you to the Aurora page.

For me, it looks like that Aurora now is their major software and Lightzone just something they developed in the past.

By the way, the new Bibble 5 is also not available until today. As I run Ubuntu on my Laptop, there have been only Lightzone and Bibble as Linux software, which really works good with RAW files. Maybe it is the time to find some people to build a really good image software as open source.
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