Jagged edges

jamalrob 12:49pm, 5 February 2009
I should probably use the Lightcrafts forum, but I'll post it here anyway. I get jagged edges in my photos (aliasing?) since I started using Lightzone. For example:

Anyone else get this? It's certainly made worse by the "Wow" style that I've been using, but I don't think that's the root of the problem.
Hard to tell what is the reason for this. Could you explain a bit about the origin of this file - raw/jpeg, camera, etc. maybe even upload the raw file itself. At least with my sony equipment I have never seen such an effect.
jamalrob 9 years ago
Thanks for responding.

Olympus RAW files (ORF), e510 camera. I've only noticed it recently, but that might be because I've haven't been looking hard enough until now.

When I look at it in Lightzone edit mode, it shows up at some magnifications but not at others - it mostly doesn't show, and that would indicate to me that the file itself is OK.
jamalrob 9 years ago
Update: I've discovered that if I convert to a bigger size, like 1600 instead of 1024, it reduces the effect considerably. In fact, the bigger I go, the better it gets.

So do you think this could be a problem with Lightzone's conversion of ORF files?
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