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Saving files?

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joffslegs says:

I have just downloaded the latest version of Lightzone which I believe is supposed to be fully working for 30 days.
I'm getting a cross hair on my saved photo, and also it reduces the file size by quite a bit?
Is this normal in trial mode, I guess the cross hair is, but is there a large file reduction on the fully working version?
Cheers, Joff
6:55AM, 27 December 2008 PDT (permalink)

thankful lamp [deleted] says:

I used the trial version in August and cannot recall anything different form the licensed version which I now have...don't know what happens when the demo expires as I purchased before that date...

115 months ago (permalink)

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joffslegs says:

Thanks Bob,
I think I have sussed it now, I had put a copy on ages ago and the time limit has now run out, so I now get the cross.
As for the file reduction, looking deeper I found the preferences which allows you to set the save size..
Cheers, Joff
115 months ago (permalink)

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