judy_n 5:49am, 19 December 2008
Does anyone know where there are additional styles? I would think people are creating them and sharing them.

Go to the forums

Then the Tips and Techniques

The "database" is a sticky at the top ...

Have fun
judy_n 10 years ago
Unfortunately, you can't download without registering and registration is "closed by administrators." I sent them email about this yesterday but haven't heard a reply yet.

Anybody know of anywhere else with styles for LightZone?

Subhash RT Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Subhash RT (member) 10 years ago
I too have had no luck. If LZ do reply and "open" the registration, I would love to get some templates.Meanwhile, any members that have templates, and willing to share ?
royal knot [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi all. I registered a while back so I've nabbed them all off the site and hosted them on my Google Pages account - at least it has some use now!
judy_n 10 years ago
Subhash RT, they closed registration because of problems with false registrations and are working on protection against that (no doubt we will have to figure out some squiggly characters to register). Meanwhile, they registered me when I contacted them.

Send email to and say you want to be registered for the forums and provide them with your username of choice.

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