donkeyoatay 4:44pm, 12 September 2008
I have just installed the latest version of LZ and have had a quick look at the video tutorials. One of them clearly shows a window displaying the "before and after" images" side by side.

Howt do I select this?

Many thanks.
that is probably only a trick in the video - I have never managed to get a side by side view of my image.
What is there, however, is a button 'orig' in the top row: while you press this button, you see the image in the original form
donkeyoatay 10 years ago
Thanks for your input. When I contacted LZ on the subject this was their reply..

"You can see the original image while in the editor by holding down the 'Orig' button at the top of the screen. You can also toggle the checkbox on each tool to turn the tool off and on. In the browser, you can hold down command and click on the original file and the edited file and they will be placed side to side"

I can see the before and after images by holding down the Orig button but can not get the other two suggestions to work!!
oledoe 10 years ago
In the file browser, you can deselect the "stack" icon, thereby placing all images and modifications thereof next to each other (if they are in the same folder). You can then select the "before" and the "after" image by holding down CTRL and clicking on them, and they will be displayed side by side in the main window above.
donkeyoatay 10 years ago
Thanks oledoe. You may have explained why I could not achieve the above. I think it is because I have the basic version and not full. The basic version does not allow you to do what you suggest!
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