Robert Yanal PRO 7:00pm, 16 July 2008
I've posted this on the Lightcrafts forum:

I've made Lightzone my external editor (in iPhoto prefs), and (under Advanced Prefs), told iPhoto to "Use RAW when using external editor." If you send a RAW file to Lightzone, it opens as a RAW file. So far, so good.

However, after editing the image in Lightzone, if you choose "Save to iPhoto," it saves a TIFF image of over 50MB. (Hardly any of my images are worth 50MB of disk space.)

This is puzzling since I've selected (in Lightzone's prefs) Save as JPEG, and in iPhoto's preferences have left unchecked the box to "Save edits as 16-bit TIFF files."

I think this is a case where iPhoto and Lightzone are just not playing nicely together, but I wonder if anyone has solved this problem.

Bob Yanal
Bob, did you ever try to get an answer on the support forum BB of lightzone? look at
if this is a known bug they should be able to help you

Robert Yanal PRO 10 years ago
In a word, yes. Another user has had the same issue. We've both reported it as a "problem" to Lightzone.

Bob Yanal
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