memeticor 12:20pm, 1 July 2008
after a crash the recently selected image is no more shown in edit mode (just black)

working with full version 3.5 on XP
with NEF files

rebooted my machine
and changed the scratch folder

any idea what I can do else ?

support is also contacted
but may be anyone of you
did have such a problem too...?
memeticor 11 years ago
Support sayed there is a button to clear the browser cache in "edit-preferences" and I should reopen this single image...

"Clear Browser Cache" from within "Edit Preferences" just brought an error message "Can not clear...".

Reopening the image file didn't work either...

But I managed to copy the image and delete the old one,
and rename the copy back - it worked... !

Do not know what the actual problem was,
but I send the log file...and they thanked...

There is also an interesting feature to copy styles in the browser view to another image, maybe this would have helped also...
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