springm / Markus Spring 8:46pm, 2 May 2008
Now lightzone is available as a fully payable license for linux too. They have an incentive offering up to may 30th for 149 US$. Stability seems to be flawless, features as full as in Windows. I'm going to buy...
SIngraham PRO 10 years ago
It still crashes when I try to save a "do not limit" file, but other than that it is stable on my eeepc (Xandros with KDE).
mistdog PRO 10 years ago
It doesn't crash when saving "do not limit" files for me using Ubuntu/KDE, but it is very, very slow to do the save.

I am still thinking about whether or not to buy it. US$149 is certainly a more attractive price, the normal price seems too much.
antrix 10 years ago
I bought a copy (with the launch discount) over the weekend. It's still slow as hell but the best option on Linux I've seen so far.

Any idea on how the sales have been?
I did over 200 raw file conversions from my Sony A700 over the last days. Stability was never a problem, speed is in spite of the 4GB of RAM I have in my machine now. Closing lightzone and starting anew can help.

First trials with printing showed good results on a HP C6280 printer (6 pigment inks) on Ilford paper with the accompagnying profile. However the Lightzone printer interface on Linux is not fully functional.

To be able to start lightzone on linux with a selected raw file out of digikam, my main photo application, I am currently writing a perl script that sets the last recently used file accordingly. When it runs without flaws I will publish it.
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