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Using Lightzone instead of Nik Color Efex or Tiffen Dfx

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gfritos says:

I have been using a couple of Nik Color Efex filters in PS for a few years, but was getting tired of switching back and forth between PS and LZ for image editing. Recently, I was on the hunt for a good post production set of filters, and contemplated upgrading to V3 of Color Efex or purchasing Tiffen's filter program. Just as I was minutes away from pushing the "purchase" button for one or the other, I realized what a fool I've been. The solution was sitting right in front of me!!! I said to myself, "Build filters in LZ, customize them, and use them instead." Results of my tinkering are below. The first shot is untouched. The second shot is using a filter made up of two graduated areas; pink for the sunset and blue for the ocean. I am glad I had this eureka to save myself money and extra steps later if I went the other route. This is a testimonial to those out there trying to decide what image editing software to purchase. I've found yet one more reason to go with Lightzone instead of the Adobe or Apple products: customizable filters similar if not better then the plug-ins for the other applications.

Jess at Sunset (Before)

Jess At Sunset (After)
12:33AM, 12 March 2008 PST (permalink)

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