--ex Paris (now London) Steve-- 11:39am, 9 March 2008
Every since migrating over to the Mac from Linux I have had endless stability issues with lightzone. It just seems to crash more frequently ...

Is it just me or has anyone else got problems? I don't remember it crashing (ever) under linux.
Franz304 11 years ago
When I stop working, if I close Lightzone with the menu : Quit Lightzone, everything is OK when I start again. But, if I close Lightzone by closing the window (click on the red dot), it crashes when I restart. It does not crash during work sessions.

I'm using Tiger 10.4.11 with 2GB ram
El Tio Perita 11 years ago
Hum... trash the Preferences and start it back.

Using the OSX 10.5.1 in spanish and never, never had a crash, not in 3.2 nor in 3.4 actual version of Lightzone.... but miss something (Someone from Lightzone is listening..?)

In previous versions, 3.2 for example, in the Styles colum at the left, I miss the croosses at the left of every style. When picking up and testing some, for deleting them you just needed to click over the cross of the style selcted, now, in 3.4 you got to go to the right column and click of every cross of every action taken of the photo edited, sometimes, they are 5 or 6 clicks to go back to another style, watch the result and if I don´t like, click again over those 5 or 6 crosses to go back to the original image.... can the crosses at the left come back???

gfritos 11 years ago
I had issues when switching to OSX 10.5 and using Lightzone at first. I wasn't particularly seeing crashes, but the application would get hung up and impact other applications also running when saving/converting RAW files. Nothing showed up in the activity monitor, so I think it was somewhere between the logic board and the memory cards.
I decided to split up the workload when working with RAW files in LZ by reducing the setpoint for memory usage by LZ. Instead of leaving only 256meg of RAM for other applications and using the rest for LZ, I backed down. This is making LZ use virtual memory at times, but the speed is greatly impacted. It's like the traffic jam to the memory cards has ceased, giving the logic card one more route to go. Since the change, I've seen no hang ups when using LZ.
I remember reading somewhere on the Lightcrafts message board how you shouldn't max out the memory in the application to reduce the log jams.
gfritos: will look into that thanks :D (although I have 4GB RAM)
El Tio Perita: If the above doesn't help I'll trash the prefs ... although I'm downloading 3.5 as I type so ... I'll se if its any better.

If not I guess I'll go back to using the linux version ...
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