SIngraham 2:59pm, 24 January 2008
Yep...they updated the beta. Good for another 90 days and reportedly the crash on save bug is fixed. I asked on the Light Crafts linux forum what would happen when the beta expired. This was the official Light Crafts reply.

"A new beta version will be released before the end of the month. We expect that the beta test will extend for 90 days till about the end of April, in order to make sure we get enough coverage on a wide number of Linux variants. There will probably be additional beta releases at least monthly through that time.

No decisions have been made beyond April. Please encourage as many other Linux users to try the beta over the next 90 days so we can ensure it is robust.

I'd like to have a free community supported version for those who want it, if we can find enough people willing to support it on a community basis. I'd also like be able to offer a paid support version for those who prefer that as well. What we finally decide to will largely be determined by what we hear from our Linux beta testers via email and especially here on this forum.

Help us figure out how to make this happen!

Scott McGregor
COO, Light Crafts, Inc."

So, all you linux LightZoners...get busy pushing the limits and report any bugs! Report success too. I'm sure they need the encouragement.
jbinpg 11 years ago
I can confirm that the crash-on-convert bug has been squashed. Ubuntu 7.10 updated.
Interesting: My Linux versions always ran no crashes, now I'm on OS-X they are becoming unbearable so I may just move back to Linux for now.
With 3.4 I am a really happy linux user again! Works flawlessly - since 3.4 is on my machine I only had 3 crashes in almost daily usage.

Some tools may need polishing, for example cropping/rotating is not completely independent, and vertical/horizontal guidelines could be really useful in there.

Another field for improvements/additions is lens correction as well as reduction of chromatic aberration effects.

Still - this is the best lightzone I ever had!
Ricomincio da 50mm 11 years ago
Yeah works well! Much better than anything I've tried so far in Linux
Pieter-Jan Volders 11 years ago
Lightzone is great, really love it! By far the best raw processing software on linux and it has some amazing tools no other program has. I really hope the people at LightCrafts know what to do after this beta times out, because I really want to use this program as my primary program so I would hate it if I suddenly wouldn't be able to open my files anymore... :-)
I would really consider buying a full version for linux if it becomes available, as long as it doesn't have a timer... :-)
Version 3.4 has not crashed so far... (I do get a pop-up asking me if I want to restore the setting because lightzone wasn't able to start the last time, i just ignore this...)

Keep up the good work!
antrix 11 years ago
I've been using the 3.4 version for several weeks now and am happy to say that unlike previous versions, this hasn't crashed even once!

On the negative side, I find it much slower than the previous releases.. I am talking about the time when the Linux version was an unofficial port. I specifically had to go and buy more RAM to get LightZone 3.4 up and running but even at 3GB (assigned 2GB to LightZone), the thing is slow as molasses.

I would have liked to use LightZone both as an image management (browsing, sorting, renaming, etc) and image processing tool but the speed issue means that I do my management in some other program (Gwenview, if someone cares!) and switch to LightZone for processing.

Any word on what happens when the beta trial period runs out soon?
mistdog 11 years ago
I'd love to know. When I downloaded it 3 days ago, it was supposed to be a "30 day trial", but now after 3 days it says it's going to expire at midnight. I can see nothing on LightZone's website about what happens after that!
oledoe Posted 11 years ago. Edited by oledoe (member) 11 years ago
Apparently, LightZone 3.5 for linux (not beta) is now available to buy. See here:

I'll probably get it...
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