Bleech bypass

El Tio Perita 6:13pm, 27 December 2007
Hi to all:

After using Photoshop (and after 6 or 7 versions...) I found Lightzone and probably I´ve made the biggest step forward on improving my pictures for years; not for the quality of the software but for the easy to use, so, thanks, Mr. Lighcrafts.
Buuuuuuuuuuuut... after years of PS using, some tricks are yet at my pocket. I miss a few things that can be easily done with this superb program: the actions. I have programmed my PS with two or three very useful but with LZ have still to investigate and work a little and probably the people at Lighcrafts will be able to do them for us.
I miss some action from Fred Miranda; improving quality in some camera models (I have one absolutely superb for my Canon EOS 1), miss another one that makes the "Velvia look" and the one I miss more is another action I found for free call "Bleech bypass". It makes the pictures look dirty, ugly, cold and grainy like watching "CSI Las Vegas" or at the move "300".
Has anybody done something about this? I know that working on it a little bit, I can record my own style but can´t find the same aspect.
Can anybody help?

Carlo Ch 11 years ago
I suggest that you have a look at the Lightzone forum at LighCrafts: You'll find many templates there.
El Tio Perita 11 years ago
Grazie, Carlo...
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