Robert Yanal 6:26pm, 22 December 2007
I've set (in iPhoto prefs) Lightzone to be my external editor, and set (in LZ prefs) to "direct save" to iPhoto.

This works, but the save is (a) very slow, and (b) becomes a separate, new "event" in iPhoto.

Now, I could set up a separate folder for saving edited photos in LZ and later import those photos into iPhoto.

But in LZ Help, it says "A LightZone JPEG still refers to your original photo (whether it's a raw, TIFF, or another JPEG). Therefore, you should never delete your original photo."

So I have to keep both photo.jpg and photo_lzn.jpg? This wastes disc space.

Can someone help/clarify? - RJY
.debbie T 11 years ago
Here is my workflow. I use iPhoto 06 and Lightzone.

In iPhoto, I edit the photo slightly, just so it creates a new "modified" copy.

Then I right click on the photo, and choose "show original" - it launches Finder and shows me where the original is saved.

I then drag to Lightzone (or rightclick and open w/ Lightzone)

I save the lzn.jpg in a separate folder, then "file>convert image" and save in the Modified folder to "replace" the edited photo in iphoto.

It won't show in the thumbnail in iPhoto right off but once you double-click the photo to edit in iPhoto, it shows your edited copy.

The problem I found is Lightzone needs to work with the original photo. If you work on the modified photo in lightzone, the next time you open the photo in Lightzone, the edits will be doubled.

You need to work with the original.

hope that helps.
ambient troutmask 11 years ago
Lightzone will work very well from pro management tools such as Lightroom. For using it from something like iPhoto you will need to follow the advice in the Lightzone wiki here
Maggie Osterberg 11 years ago
Is there any way to get Lightzone to find the folders in the latest version of iPhoto? The iPhoto Library, which used to be a normal folder, is now a "package" and Lightzone can't or won't recognize it.
Robert Yanal 11 years ago
To disdatmac (debbie T):

Thanks for taking the time to describe your workflow.

But I'm still puzzled (sorry).

Why do you save the lzn.jpg at all when you are going to convert the image?

It seems the reason you would want to save the original (along with the LZ converted image) is if you want to do further editing. Yes?

Bob Yanal
disillusioned snails [deleted] 11 years ago
That is correct. You save the lzn.jpg for further editing. That can be very helpfull. Post processing can be like writing. It can be a good thing to rejudge an edited image after some time and continue or change again.
.debbie T Posted 11 years ago. Edited by .debbie T (member) 11 years ago
Yes, I agree, I save the LZN file because I might want to edit it again.
converting the image will remove all the "layers" or whatever Lightzone calls them. I guess they are like adjustment layers.
.debbie T 11 years ago
I should also add that when iPhoto re-builds the library database, the "converted" photo will now show up as the thumbnail.

You can force a rebuild by holding down the Option & Apple keys while iPhoto launches.

Be warned, it takes awhile to rebuild everything.
Robert Yanal Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Robert Yanal (member) 11 years ago
To disdatmac (debbie T):

I've tried your workflow, but I can't get iPhoto to show the converted images (saved, as you suggest, in the Modified folder).

I'm using iPhoto '08 (v. 7.1.1). I think perhaps the converted image must be "imported" into iPhoto so as to register in iPhoto's database.

Bob Yanal
Robert Yanal 11 years ago
To Maggie Osterberg:

Regarding your question on the Lightzone forum, here's something I've discovered.

If you right-click (control-click) on the iPhoto "package" in Finder, you'll be given a chance to "Show Package Contents."

You can make an alias of "Originals" and/or "Modified" and put them somewhere outside the "package." Lightzone can surely recognize them, but adding to the folders might wreak havoc with iPhoto's database.

Bob Yanal
Maggie Osterberg 11 years ago
Thanks Bob, it worked like a charm!
gfritos 11 years ago
Has anybody had issues with LZ and Leopard? I see comments on the LZ forums about issues once Leopard was loaded on a Mac, but there hasn't been any resolutions posted. I loaded Leopard on one of my Macs this weekend, and it's definitely got issues with LZ now. Anybody else run into this issue? Any resolutions?
.debbie T 11 years ago
Bob, are you sure you are saving the new modified (converted) Lightzone file - saving it over the older one?

As I said in my post, it will not display the changes in the thumbnail, but it will show your edits if you double-click to view the file in edit mode.

How do you have your edit prefs? I have mine set to open in the same window in iPhoto. I don't have Lightzone as my external editor.
Robert Yanal 11 years ago
Debbie - I now see what to do. I have Lightzone as my external editor. When I tell iPhoto to edit a photo in the external editor, iPhoto creates a copy in the modified folder. After I've finished editing the photo in Lightzone, I choose "Convert" and save it to the modified folder, overwriting the previous image. (The original is still in the originals folder.) - Bob
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