kenkyee 4:08pm, 19 December 2007
Thanks, LightCrafts, for staying committed to Linux! :-)
Carlo Ch 11 years ago
This is GREAT NEWS!!!
☻☺ 11 years ago
halelouia... i actually bought a mac so that i could use lightzone before... like the mac... but nothing like linux :-)
jbinpg 11 years ago
Downloaded and installed v3.3 on Ubuntu 7.10. Here is what I have found so far:

1) Clicking on Styles causes crash. Known problem, I believe.

2) Seems unable to decode the lens info from the exif data. Not a big deal and probably a minor fix.

Otherwise, this is an extremely capable piece of software. Thank you LightCrafts!!
SIngraham 11 years ago
I'm running it on a minimal eee pc with Xandros Linux and KDE. I upgraded the memory to 1G but I still get "JPEG conversion failed" messages on too many saves. Other than that I really like the program...great feature set. The single exposure HDR tools are particularly impressive. I've added one of my first HDR efforts to the pool.
M.R.B Photo 11 years ago
I haven't got it to work yet. :-(
carter3john 11 years ago
I run LightZone 2.? on Ubuntu. Will I be able to run the Beta LightZone as a separate program (with the same Ubuntu)?
SIngraham 11 years ago
Hay carter3john...
folks on the LightZone Linux forum are saying that having both versions causes one verson to overwrite the preferences of the other...etc. Don't know from personal experience. Posting the question on the LightZone forum might get you a better answer.
carter3john 11 years ago
I installed it. It works fine. Does it have a 'healing or clone tool?'
SIngraham 11 years ago
Hay carter3john,
I don't think it works that "locally" is mostly global operations. You can specify regions for treatment, unlike Lightroom, but thats about as fine as it gets.
kenkyee 11 years ago
Lightzone unfortunately doesn't have any pixel/area editing tools. It only needs a few basic ones like photoshop's healing tool, etc. to make life w/o photoshop possible...
carter3john 11 years ago
I would rather have a healing tool instead of all those 'Style' things. Plus an image resizer, if their is one I can't find it.
SIngraham 11 years ago
Since LightZone is non-distructive editing, it leaves the original file a resize does't make sense. You can set the size of the file you want exported under Preferences/Save. Some of the styles...the HDRs for instance, are useful, and the main use of styles is to save a set of edits you might want to use on another image.
ShinyPhotoScotland 11 years ago
SIngraham: a resize does make sense to some of us.

I'm totally new to LightZone, first downloaded last night. First impressions are that noise-reduction and `detail' settings in relighting are useful (resurrecting a group portrait taken at high ISO, far better using RAW than the nikon d200's onboard NR to JPEG).

Other impressions: I wonder how much is dependent on the tonality in the source, as "soften skin tones" seems to expect caucasian folks in standard lighting, for example. Of these effects, most are USM or blur - although the `restrict to tones' approach is new to me (and something I wish I knew how to do in PS).

I've not played with the batch facilities, but is it possible to specify resize on a per-image basis or just in edit/prefs?Most of the time I want outputs in 3 sizes (800x600 with border for my own website, 1600x1200 with border for flickr, as big as it gets without border for photobox and archival). Sometimes I also just want to jump straight to a specific size for another site or email.

These are not a problem with PS/CS and/or imagemagick. The question is whether LightZone will help and replace that part of the workflow.
SIngraham 11 years ago
Actually, I am actively trying to learn to reproduce some of the LightZone effects using conventional layer and curve techniques in GIMP...since I don't know what the future of LightZone on Linux is going to be...another beta release?...a commercial release?...and, if so, at what price. I don't want to pay more than half as much for this software as I paid for the computer it runs on! The relight routines are possible with value layers in GIMP...all but the "details" slider...and that appears to be a very local, but very dramatic contrast enhancement. Don't know how to do that. I've come close using a hard light layer but I don't like the side effects so far.
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