mantras siva 6:19am, 14 December 2007
i 'm running lightzone on xp

i have a p4 3.6 , 4gb ram , and 2 seagata sata2 in raid

i found that lightzone is slow to open my cr2 files , canon raw files

are there some tweak for lightzone?
is there a way to let lightzone to decompress my raw files , and keep uncompressed for a future editing?

Carlo Ch 11 years ago
Hi, have you set the memory limit parameter in the Preferences dialog? LZ is anyhow very memory intensive. When converting from a raw file, I find it somehow slower than LightRoom.
ambient troutmask 11 years ago
I'm with Carlo on this and usually use Lightroom with my RAW files, both for speed and for its management. I use Lightzone as an external editor for selective processing; so don't use it routinely on all images.
When I have used Lightzone as a stand alone it can be just as fast as Carlo says it requires setting the memory carefully.
Lightroom and Lightzone work really well together just follow the advice on set up in both Lightroom and Lightzones help files, it actually defaults to the correct settings after setting Lightzone as an external editor, but if you make any changes to things like files names it can cause problems.
Using Lightzone as an external editor will mean you will have two copies within Lightroom as with using PS, the original RAW file and a edit.tiff.
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