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obsolete quiver [deleted] 4:49pm, 26 November 2007
I've been using LightZone in my workflow for six months or so, and I do love it. Its very fast and has cut my per photo work time. I'm still finding additional ways to use it and was glad to find a group here at flickr. Looking forward to getting a chance to interact with all of you here.
ambient troutmask Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ambient troutmask (member) 11 years ago
Welcome. This group may not seem as active as some. This is for a very good reason. Lightzone is the best kept secret of the digital world! I am a great advocate of Lightzone for all selective processing and it combined with Lightroom for management has nearly completely replaced Photoshop in my work; sometimes this gives me a competitive advantage (I sell my work) against many other pros struggling along with the behemoth that is Photoshop; so small and select is sometimes better!
Everybody i have ever shown Lightzone too is instantly amazed at how quickly and cleanly an complex selection can be made and contrast changes is as quick as working in the darkroom with all the advantages of doing it on a computer I am almost tempted to stop showing it to other people and keep the secret to myself.Wrong of me I know; but tempting isn't it?
obsolete quiver [deleted] 11 years ago
I certainly agree, its an excellent tool. I still need my photoshop for correcting lens distortion ( PT Lens) and other assorted jobs. But the speed of the photo flow via the quick adjustments its tops. I like the new version even more with the color chooser. The sharpening is just super. I do all my sharpening in LZ now.
I'm sure we can get a flow of info exchange going in here.
Thanks to all for your welcome.
Carlo Ch 11 years ago
Welcome Steve. Have a look at out "Before and After" thread, you may have something interesting you'd like to post there.
obsolete quiver [deleted] 11 years ago
Thanks for the welcome Carlo. I went over and viewed the thread and it blew me away. The members here are doing some awesome work. I'll have to look around for something to add to that great thread.
I've got a "good light" day today, so this evening I will look for a possible post.
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