Franky2step 2:12am, 2 November 2007
HELPPPPPP!! I am trying to clone out some towers, wires etc but am completely mystified(read dumb) how. I went to the help section but it seems very vague. I am using Mac Tiger if that matters. Is there a manual available, can anyone offer assistance? TIA
gfritos 11 years ago
I have found that cloning works best if you are doing it in an area with random patterns vs. regular patterns. The clone tool in Lightzone is simple to use, and similar to the way Photoshop does it. You choose a region that you want to place the clone, and then use the cursor to choose the source for the clone. The cursor shows up as cross usually outside the region. Everyone and then, I lose the cursor, but zooming out gives me a better view to find it.
Franky2step 11 years ago
thanks for the response gfritos, appreciate you taking the time
ambient troutmask 11 years ago
Try the Lightzone forum here
Franky2step 11 years ago
is there no manual for this product????????? I bought this online, but surely there is a download on how to work this software
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