.debbie T 4:52pm, 11 September 2007
I am quite interested in finding a more robust photo editor. right now I am using iPhoto, and I really like how it organizes my photos.

I am having a difficult time finding recent experiences from people using Lightzone with iPhoto. Can someone tell me how well they work together?

Can an edits be done in Lightzone while still remain organized in iPhoto. And what if I make an edit in iPhoto, how does it show up on the edited copy of Lightzone?

Thank you!
rzych 11 years ago
Debbie, you might want to check out the LZ support forums


There are members there using iPhoto and LZ together.

.debbie T 11 years ago
Cool, thank you rzych. I think I might have been over there a couple of months ago, but it looks like there is some recent posts about iphoto!

I will check it out. thanks!
Robin Jaffray 11 years ago
i'm just trying out the demo. I have photoshop. I really quite like the zone mapping function in lightzone. I'm used to a wet darkroom where I perceives that can play with the grays a lot more than most digital processes (i realise that's probably just the limitations of my knowledge though). But the lack of fine control over the image in LZ that i have in photoshop suggests to me that i might not be upgrading to the paid version.
ambient troutmask Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ambient troutmask (member) 11 years ago
alt.planning wrote
But the lack of fine control over the image in LZ that i have in photoshop suggests to me that i might not be upgrading to the paid version.

The lack of fine control in Lightzone? Can you be specific? I can't think of a photographic technique were I can have fine control of an image in PS were I can not do the same. better and non destructively in Lightzone.
Certainly if you wish to make graphics from photographs then PS is superior (it is what it is about) however if you wish to control contrast, colour or development selectively on all or parts of an image then Lightzone beats PS hands down.
edited in response to comment below, sorry sleeping whilst writing!
.debbie T 11 years ago
@Troutmask: Are you talking about Lightzone or Lightroom?
hogepodge 11 years ago
I've been using Lightzone more and more lately, precisely because I like the fine control it gives me.

The quite like the layer masks that LZ provides, but I've also discovered the color mask feature, which has been invaluable for targeting skin tones.

With regards to iPhoto integration, there is an option under the iPhoto preferences to use an external program for editing photos. Lightzone will save your photos with your editing metada, so you can go back from iPhoto and continue with work that you have left off.
gfritos 11 years ago
I originally used iPhoto with Lightzone as my external editor, but it was kind of a muddy interface. iPhoto always wanted to save the edited files in a different folder, and I frankly felt that it was a less efficient way to file the photos. I was using iPhoto with Lightzone mostly due to trying to use both on an old G4, and Lightzone was very slow in it's browser mode. On my Macbook, it wasn't the case. Now that I've also upgraded my desktop to an Intel Mac, I stopped using the iPhoto interface since it's plenty fast enough for the browser in Lightzone. I like like the browser in Lightzone stacks the edited photos too.
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