Basic -vs- Full

DavidLMorris 10:20pm, 20 August 2007
What's the difference between the Basic and Full versions. I've looked at the web site, but I'm still unclear. What it looks like is that Full will work in batch mode while Basic is one photo at a time.

Is that it?

rzych 12 years ago
Full will work in batch mode, basic will only work one photo at a time. I don't know how you would plan to use LZ in your workflow, but if you are considering it for a lot of bulk photo production and then want to pass the output onto another application like PS (which is the way I use it) you will want to be able to batch convert.

IMO, LZ is easily the best tonality editor avaiable today. What you will find though is that converting images through it (to either TIFF or JPG) for "passing on" can be time consuming one at a time.

Try it and see how you like it.
obtainable train [deleted] 11 years ago
After much rumination, testing and reading, I bought the Basic. I figured I could always upgrade it to Full, and still save money, since that route is cheaper than buying the Full version from the start. Oddly enough.

Still, still being on the Basic version, I must second the comment above by Rzych. I find it cumbersome to Convert one image at a time.

And, I also feel that the Basic version is ugly, in the sense that the inactive "Full version" features, are not removed from the users sight, instead they still appear in the interface, just greyed-out. That does not feel right.

In my opinion, LightCrafts should just plain skip the Basic version, and sell the Full version exclusively, at $129 or so. Yes I know, that is cheaper than even the Basic version is now, BUT I think everyone should be able to enjoy LightZone, also cheapskates and people less fortunate economically. I know LightZone is worth a lot, but I think a lower price would compel more people to see it as an option. Thereby, they'd sell more licenses.

Ok, maybe $129 is too low a price to ask of them, but then... $199 for the Full (only) version. I don't like all that differentiation. Adobe has gone bundle-mad. I don't need Full/Basic nor Premium/Grance/Mini/Whatever version. I just need Photoshop. And LightZone. Not a bundle.
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