Carlo Ch 2:37am, 9 July 2007
The relight tool is one of the most powerful in Lightzone, but there has been hardly any detailed information on it. Now Jacek Gozdz has made an excellent article on it. Have a look!

I also suggest to have a look at the Lightzone Forum.
obtainable train [deleted] 11 years ago
I use the relight tool mainly as an effect, to create a more artificial look in portraits and fashion.

But it's also good when used mildly for a ore punchy appearence, yet not "just" raising the contrast, especially with blending modes Soft Light, Multiply, Screen, or whatever it takes to get where I wanna go with the image. It's also good when used even more subtly with the Average blending mode.

I agree that when used for HDR, the results can be too flat for my taste. Shadows are not always bad. They can really add to the mystique and composition of an image, so why kill those great deep shadows with HDR?

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