harmonious sock [deleted] 1:20pm, 13 June 2007
When I upgrade from full version 3 to version 3.2 It refuses my serial no?.I have upgraded from 2.4
rzych 12 years ago
I went from basic 2.4 to full 3.0, but left 2.4 installed. Serial number worked fine, even for upgrade to 3.0.2 - I don't know if that has anything to do with leaving 2.4 installed.
www.ian.ca 12 years ago
It's kinda weird, the upgrade process. The doc. on the website doesn't mention to save 2.4 ifyou want to upgrade to 3.0. The way the program installs on the Mac, pratically begs for you to overwrite the previous version when installing.
I paid for the 3.0 upgrade and was left wondering why it wasn'tt working. I had to email their support to ask what to do.
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