Before and after

hogepodge 1:16pm, 3 June 2007
I started working on this image by importing it into Lightroom and making global adjustments, including making the black and white conversion, setting the exposure curve, and creating a split tone.


The image was still a bit flat, so I used Lightzone to perform selective editing on it.

I84 (reimagined)

By setting two editing regions, the sky and the earth, I was able to pull out more detail in the ground and lighten up the fields, and also bring out more detail in the sky to create a bit more dramatic contrast.

I think that the image could be improved further by creating a new editing region for the mountains to bring the tonal values down (as it stands I think they are too close in tonality to the foreground).
Carlo Ch 12 years ago
Very nice, the resulting image has much more detail indeed, or at least it's more visible. In B&W images like these, where there are clearly separate areas, I enjoy a lot region-based editing, with settings specific to each zone.

In the past I mostly used Tonemapper and Zonemapper, now I have some problems in understanding the new Relight tool. There was a case where I mixed two different B&W conversion. 12 years ago
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