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LZ 3.0 How do I ?

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PureFineArt says:

Just upgraded to 3.0 full

Now I have my head around the stack an applying them to multiple RAW files and also stacking the versions so you only see one instance in the browser, things are now looking good. Managed to get my jpg (psudo sidecar files) down to about 50kb which is ok for me, compared to the old lzn files.

A couple of things I am missing,

How do I apply common metafile data to all images in one go, I can do it individually with the clunky apply default copyright etc, but for the other values you have to type them in one by one.

How can you batch rename all the RAW files in one go ?

Also how to you do a good vignette and darken the corners of the image, I almost want to invert a region but it cant do that so there must be another way ?

I would put this on the LZ forum but they have disabled registration for some reason ?


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badlocation says:

AFAIK, there are no batch rename or batch metadata change tools in LZ.
But you can invert masks (regions), actually. For many adjustments, there is small square with a dot inside in the right lower corner.

Just click it, and it will invert the mask.

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PureFineArt says:

cool thanks
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