Maple Syrup Doodles 2:27am, 22 May 2007
Carlo Ch 11 years ago
I just downloaded it, and also purchased (alas). It looks like a major improvement over the already fantastic 2.4. Good work, as usual. I've got something to study tonight...
Jamuudsen PRO 11 years ago
Cool. Anyone know whether it will be released for Linux like 2.4?
badlocation 11 years ago
Just bought upgrade as well. I think 2.4 was more stable, hopefully, 3.x will get there too. PRO 11 years ago
I just loaded it, seems to run pretty quick on my 24 inch intel iMac. I like the improvements to the UI, much more lightroom-like.

Considering 2.4 was just out a little while ago, it's good to see LightCrafts wokring hard on this app.
gfritos 11 years ago
I've just downloaded V3.0, and it took all of about 2 seconds to get used to the new layout. I didn't think I could fall in love with an application again, but it's happened. The styles function is kind of fun, but I still like that it kept it's heart as a photographer's tool. I have been a user of LZ since V1, and will remain so. I almost switched to Lightroom when it was on special, but the trial didn't really impress me as much as LZ. I also love that LZ sees a revision cycle of 6months vs. 18-24 months for other advanced level photo editors. PRO 11 years ago
I like how easy it is to hide the palettes,...
Carlo Ch 11 years ago
Isn't it faster than before? At least it looks like.
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